Experience the joy of financial freedom... 

You're a wealth builder at heart

Understand that it's not your fault if you've always managed your finances without the knowledge. It happens to the best of us, primarily because if no one ever sat down to explain how money works, you're doing your best with what you have. The bottom line is, what happened in the past isn't the end of your money story, going forward know that you're a wealth builder at heart, and from this point forward you can write a new money chapter in your financial future. 

I'm Paul Lawrence Vann

I'm a father, speaker, author, passionate podcaster, Marylander, certified financial coach, and mindfulness life coach who has spent the last 20 years helping thousands of people all over the world learn to peel back their financial genius, layers of faulty money thoughts and keeping up with the Joneses myths to share powerful financial intelligence with authenticity, a cohesive narrative, and a powerful point of view.  

I don't believe in formulas. There are a million ways to approach wealth building and once you find the best approach I share with you, money talks can begin to feel less terrifying and more exciting.  

I also don't believe in perfection. The things you think make you seem 'unpolished' or 'uninteresting' are often the very aspects of your personality people find truly refreshing and fun as you become financially literate, a wealth builder, and discover how to create legacy wealth! 

I can help you do more than develop your money mindset. I'll teach you how to truly connect with your wealth track and find the power leading to financial freedom. By becoming a Mind Over Money Champion you will feel powerful and in control of your financial resources (and bonus: it's a lot more fun this way, too)!

You can exhaust yourself trying to keep up with the Joneses by trying to impress people while struggling to live paycheck to paycheck. 

I know—you want to cover your fears, self-doubts, and mistakes and get yourself off the hamster wheel of living paycheck to paycheck. I totally get it.  

When we're trying to keep a roof over our head, have food to eat, pay our utility bills, and credit cards it can be overwhelming. It doesn't have to be this way if we have a financial plan in place that not only leads to you becoming debt-free through a mind over money mindset, as you position yourself to build wealth and ultimately create legacy wealth.  

Clients hire me to:

  • develop their financial intelligence
  • fine tune their money talk with themselves and their family
  • help them become debt-free while establishing a monthly budget
  • buffer them from repeating the paycheck to paycheck money habit
  • insulate them from spontaneous shopping and going back into debt.

To some extent, I can. (I'm really good.)

We practice and build their money skills—which expands their confidence.  

But then I tell them something surprising:

I don't want you to be perfect.

And here's why...

"Perfect" mind over money skills don't really matter. What does? The ability to truly connect with your current money goals for the future. 

Are you ready to put an end to living paycheck to paycheck, getting off the hamster wheel of financial confusion, dread, and frenzy, and discover where your hard-earned money is going?